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Scientific Structure of PRO-BIOPA

The Working Packages

The general aims of PRO-BIOPA are (i) to improve water (WUE) and nutrient use efficiency (NUE) of fast growing poplar lines, (ii) to optimize biomass production in short rotation plantations (coppice) of poplar on marginal land, and (iii) to realize a comprehensive analysis of the complete C and N trace gas exchange (greenhouse gases (GHG): methane, N2O, CO2, and reactive volatile organic compounds (VOC): i.e., isoprene) of the entire product added value in order to quantify the CO2 saving potential for this form of biomass production.


 Working packages PRO-BIOPA

To reach our aims we use, on one hand, system-biological and biotechnological (transgenic) attempts in the laboratory under controlled conditions, and on the other hand, an open field trial with commercially available fast growing poplar hybrids in short rotation coppice (SRC) on marginal land. Because on marginal land, water shortage is one of the major factors limiting biomass yield, a modern irrigation system is tested on our poplar plantation.