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Economics and Criteria for Sustainable Biomass Production

Ecomonics of SRC

For the economical evaluation of SRC, we are monitoring the establishment, cultivation and annual growth of our SRC-plantation in Bingen-Hornstein and other SRCs. The methodology includes the measurement of the above-ground biomass, the accomplishment of time studies on harvest as well as transport processes (FVA & Fobawi, Freiburg University).

With the help of a professional software we perform life-cycle-analyses, which allow accounting all impacts between the change of land use to the end of life of the products, with the main focus on different harvesting operations (Fobawi).

Based on the data on site availability, biomass potentials and economics of SRC, a model for a sustainable, site adapted supply chain on community level as well as innovative and efficient harvesting and transport concepts will be developed and their impacts will be identified (FVA & Fobawi).

Characteristic parameters of SRC-wood, like water-content, grading, ash-content, bark-content, cellulose- and lignin-content determine the properties of the products and their possible use. These parameters will be analysed for wood chips from different SRC-varieties, with regard to their suitability for different pathways of utilisation (energetic use, BtL, non-energetic use) (Tree Physiology Fobawi, Freiburg University).

Compiling our experimental data, GHG balance, life-cycle-assessement and netto energy balance we will define ecological and economical boundaries within biomass production with fast growing poplar hybrids in SRC is economically interesting and sustainable with respect to environmental health.