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Contribution of FVA Baden-Württemberg to PRO-BIOPA

The Department of Forest Utilization of the Forest Research Institute of Baden-Württemberg (FVA) is involved in WP3 ‘Availability of Cultivable Land, Economics of SRC, and Properties of SRC material’ and manage the experimental SRC

The primary objectives of the FVA team (led by Dr. Frank Brodbeck) in work package 3 are (i) the assessment of the potential for SRC in Germany and (ii) the modelling of efficient utilization concepts for SRC-management in Southwestern Germany.

With the help of extensive GIS computation, using digital site maps, climate data and a Digital Terrain Model (DTM), the FVA will estimate the biomass potential of SRC plantations in Germany considering restrictions by protected areas and trying to avoid competition with the production of food and animal feed. One of the main outcomes will be a detailed estimation and classification of which sites should be preferentially used for SRC cultivation in Germany and information about their technical, economical and ecological biomass potential.
Using data on site availability, biomass potentials and economics of SRC the FVA team will setup a model for a sustainable, site adapted supply chain on community level.

In work package 2, the Department of Forest Utilization manages a SRC-plantation at Bingen-Hornstein (administrative district of Sigmaringen), which is the central experimental research plot of PRO-BIOPA. The poplar plantation was founded in spring 2009 on a former acre classified as agronomically marginal site. For experimental manipulation of irrigation and fertilization an automatic drip-irrigation-system became installed. Starting in spring 2010 three different treatments [(i) irrigation, (ii) irrigation and fertilization (fertigation) and (iii) without treatment] are established and will run the next few years until harvest. Within the overall scientific tasks at this field station, the FVA team is responsible for the generation of all agronomic data.

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Contact: Dr. Frank Brodbeck & Cisco Aust (Forstliche Versuchs- und Forschungsanstalt Baden-Württemberg (FVA) Abteilung Waldnutzung, Wonnhaldestr. 4, 79100 Freiburg, Germany; Tel +49 (0)761-4018 (Brodbeck) -245, (Aust) -205)

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