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Contribution of Freiburg Botany to PRO-BIOPA

The Institute of Biology II Department of Botany of the University Freiburg is involved in PRO-BIOPA’s 1st workpackage ‘Optimization of Plant Properties’
Arabidopsis root development

System's biology analysis of Arabidopsis root architecture

Professor Palme’s team contributes to the biological objectives of PRO-BIOPA:

A multi scale molecular analysis of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana will be performed to identify gene and molecular networks controlling the development of root architcture and it's efficiency regarding nutrient uptake (phosphorus, nitrogen, sulphur) and water efficiency. The root system provides anchorage and allows the uptake of water and minerals. It is fundamental for plant development. Plant roots and especially lateral roots are not only an excellent system to study transport processes, but also to tackle the molecular mechanisms controlling postembryonic development as new lateral roots are continously formed during the plant life cycle. Plants display an enormous developmental plasticity allowing integration of environmental information into developmental decisions. Root architecture therefore results from a combination between genetic instrinsic factors and the root's interaction with its immediate environment.

In PRO-BIOPA we are screening for genes and other factors (growth regulators) important for plant biomass increase and water effieciency regulation.


Contact: Klaus Palme and Franck Ditengou

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